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Day Services

Opportunities Program
This non-vocational program is designed to meet the needs of people requiring a higher level of support. The emphasis of the Opportunities Program is on communication, physiotherapy, life skills, and recreational activities. Work opportunities are also available for those interested.

Front Shop

Work is the main focus of this vocational program and training is accomplished by providing services to many local businesses in the form of contract work.  These services range in variety from product assembly, packaging, paper shredding, rug weaving, and more.  There are also opportunities to volunteer for various organizations, gaining valuable job experience.

Life Skills

The object of the Life Skills program is hands-on learning of transferable skills that help both vocationally and in people's personal lives.  The focus is on janitorial skills, laundry, literacy (including math, money skills, budgeting, reading, and writing) as well as pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Supported Employment

Supports are available for those who are employed within the community in full-time and part-time positions or seeking competitive employment.  We offer this in the form of job training (job coach when needed), regular workplace check-ins, mentoring, employee development classes, and also act as the employer liaison.

Any interest in obtaining Day Program Services should be done through your Community Services Worker. Your CSW can contact the following person for information, preliminary tours and to begin the admission process:

Rhonda Epp
Day Program Coordinator
Phone: (204) 324-5401 ext. 106

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